Mine-Weather 2.0: Our New Cloud-Based SAAS Platform WITH ADVANCED Features and Scoring Algorithms

Macrosoft is excited to announce the release of our new version of Mine-Weather 2.0 application, which is fully cloud-based and resides on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Apart from being cloud based, Mine-Weather 2.0 also contains a number of new advanced features and many new scoring algorithms that provide a more accurate estimate of weather forecasts. After we engage in an initial short configuration phase, a new client can access all their weather forecast and actual data from the cloud and immediately begin exploratory studies on weather forecast accuracy. Finally, the new Mine-Weather system has the capability to assess the accuracy of solar, wind, and electric demand forecasts using the same system. We believe this offers users a single integrated platform for determining the accuracy of all of the forecast data using the same set of scoring algorithms.

  • See what’s new in Mine-Weather 2.0
  • Examine all the new advanced features M-W 2.0 offers.
  • Explore the many new scoring algorithms M-W 2.0 incorporates.
  • Find out how the new M-W 2.0 is used as a unified platform.

Download the White paper to learn more about our new Cloud-Based SAAS Platform with Advanced Features and Scoring Algorithms.

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