Mine-Weather is an analytical database and visualization system designed to allow companies to probe the accuracy of the weather forecasts they use to plan their activities and preparedness in the case of storm conditions. The Mine-Weather system was recently built and is now in use at a large electric utility in the North Eastern US. The system comprises an analytical database and visualization dashboard and is used for probing the accuracy of weather forecasts.

The goal of mine-weather is to provide analysts with a flexible analytical platform for verifying and comparing the accuracy of weather forecasts under a variety of different weather conditions.

A set of general rules that we believe strongly are worth following in any attempt to build or implement a weather verification system are the following.

  • Capture all of the data
  • Keep all of the data in the system
  • Migrate in historical data
  • Never create additional data entries
  • Calculate scores at the lowest level of granularity

Download the white paper to find out how you can simplify your weather forecast verification process.

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