Mine-Weather is an analytical database and visualization system designed to allow companies to probe the accuracy of the weather forecasts they use to plan their activities and preparedness in the case of storm conditions.

This White paper focuses on how Mine-Weather can be used to probe weather forecast accuracy during extreme weather conditions. From a business dependency perspective, extreme weather conditions are critical time periods for the forecasts to be accurate.

For the utility industry, preparedness and capacity planning are based on worst-case weather conditions. Some extreme weather scenarios include:

  • Outage planning for storm periods.
  • Outage planning for periods of very high winds.
  • Outage planning for periods of rain/ice conditions.
  • Capacity scheduling and utilization to meet demand on the hottest summer days, or the coldest winter days.
  • Near-term planning and scheduling of heavy equipment when intense rain & wind conditions are forecast.

Download this whitepaper on how Mine-Weather lets you define the calendar periods and set weather variables for extreme weather events for analysis.

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