Mine-Weather V2.0 (M-W 2) has just been released and we think it is good time to lay out our Roadmap for future enhancements to the system. In this roadmap we intend to lay out features that will be made available for users of the system in three separate releases to occur; 3.0 on July 2018, 4.0 on Oct 2018, and 5.0 on Dec 2018. Each of the releases focuses on adding new capabilities.

  • Release 3.0 – Extreme Weather Events.
  • Release 4.0 – Ensemble Forecasts.
  • Release 5.0 – Utility Outage Prediction Model.

M-W 2 is truly a fully-functional dashboard allowing meteorologists and data analysts to do in-depth, pin-point analysis of weather forecasts across a wide range of variables including weather variables; locations; time periods; forecast types and forecast periods and contains a range of scores to use in evaluating the forecasts. M-W 2 is already a quantum leap above the functionality of the first version of Mine-Weather, and there is no need to wait for specific new features as these will automatically be updated with every new release.

  • See what to expect in the future releases of M-W this year.
  • Explore the new functionalities that will be added to M-W 2.
  • Take a look at the advanced reporting and analytical capabilities M-W offers.
  • Know the real beauty of M-W in assessing the accuracy of scores.

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